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APEX Rules

1. In order to Successfully join APEX Gaming, you will now be required to register your account on: & maintain some activity there.

2. By no means do you have to put our clan tag (APEX, APX, -APX-) in your gamertag. If you want to, that's your choice, but it won't be forced on you.

3. When playing games as a representative of the clan you must have our clan tag (APEX, APX) present on your game id.

4. Treat all APEX members with respect. In reality we should treat everyone, even those outside of the clan with that same respect. You give respect, you get respect.

5. Follow the basic Xbox Live rules.

6. Must participate in APEX clan events. (this means playing games with APEX clan members) However, unlike other clans you do not have to only play with APEX members all the time although its always nice to play games with your clan and dominate as a team.

7. No discrimination (religion, race, sexuality, etc...) of anyone.

8. We here at APEX adhere to the strict "one clan" policy. If you're choosing APEX, we ask you stick solely with APEX. Finding you in another clan leaves you liable for termination from APEX.

9. Everyone must use their Xbox LIVE Gamertag as their username on this website. (Makes it easier to keep track of everyone.)

10. Everyone should sign in regularly on this website to keep track of just what is going on within our community.

11. Do not join in on other members game sessions unless specifically invited, although you are allowed to ask one time to see if you can join in with them. (If an individual has a free-to-join-in policy, then this does not apply)

12. All new members must post on the forums under the "Introductions" forum. This will help you in validating your account here on the clan website.

13. Every clan member should have (but not required): in their xbox motto or bio to link others to our clan forum here.

14. The shout box at the top of the board can be used for general chatting, although make sure that if any announcements go up there you pay attention to them.

15. We're a mature clan, some immaturity is still expected (because we all geek out from time to time while gaming) but ultimately we're here to have fun while keeping control of ourselves.

16. All members must have a working microphone and stable internet connection. (mic is purely for raids and/or team events, otherwise it's optional)

Rules are subject to change at any time. Check back on occasion.

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