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TITLE: You fear the boogeyman. I'm the one they send to kill the boogeyman.
About Me: Everyone around the APEX community knows me as Wicked, the founder of the clan. Here's a little about me you might not know. My name's Hank, I'm pretty chill, extremely quiet 99% of the time, and I'll always do what I can to keep this clan going so that it can either improve or be the best that it can be!

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Jul 19 2017, 04:02 PM
So anywho, there are some opportunities abroad on the APEX Gaming Twitch Stream for those streamers that are active (but maybe not always active enough on their own streams) that want to do some extra streaming, just this time instead of using their personal channel they get to use the clan channel.

With setting up authorized broadcasters I'm going to do the following...
- If you are set as an authorized broadcaster, you are automatically going to get on the channel host list as if we aren't live on our twitch, your stream just might be.

Apart from all of that, I'd like to go about setting up a stream schedule if possible as well, that way we have different streams on different days, or multiple streams at varying times on a certain know, to avoid overlap of streaming.

If anyone is interested in doing this, please let me know & I will get back to you via PM with the specifics in details.
Jun 15 2017, 10:30 PM
Any games w/ PS counterparts (i.e. tanks, cod, destiny....those three primarily) now have PS groups affiliated with them, should we start bringing more players in on those consoles for those games. I know there are a few, who've been properly sorted, so that' taken care of.

Just figured I'd let everyone know, so the confusion doesn't run rampant again.
Jun 1 2017, 09:39 AM
Given we don't much use the position (because none of us really want training or a majority of us work to help newer players anyways), I'm removing the training staff position from the tanks group.

As of currently said group is only occupied by Fava, who'll be moved instead to Event Officer, since he's always platooning with people and that's an event of sorts....because it brings people together to play (makes sense).

To replace the training officer group, I'm going to instead be implementing the "War Captain" idea, for the leaders of the smaller groups in our competitive team layouts.

So that's what's going to go on in just a bit from now, when I start messing with the groups.
May 25 2017, 03:57 PM
Alright, so now that I've actually been focusing on some grinding or free XP cashing to get a jump on at least one future tier X, I'd like some suggestions for which lines I should go down

-- Current X's --
WT auf E100
Grille 15
B-C 25T
AMX 50 B
FV215b 183

-- Grinds --
Centurion AX

Suggestions on other X's to go for?
May 24 2017, 11:03 PM
So it was brought up the other day (after the APEX1 battle vs. OGTS) that I wasn't going to be really "active" any longer in terms of competitive play on the side of -APX- for our competitive such, if there is anyone on the -APX- team that wants to be the new team captain, let me know (This would require you to be one of the starting lineup players who can be on full weekends for comp. play).

In addition to this, another point was brought up by certain players in APEX1. We've seen it time and time again that most clans we play against tend to break up their group into two parts (normally) -- not always the case, but just hear me out on this -- anyways, since clan wars are getting to be more 10v10 format instead of the old 7v7's that we're used to, we started talking about something of a "war captain/leader" position in which a single person would be in charge of a platoon's worth of players.

Ultimately the following is how I was looking to structure the -APX- competitive team w/ me stepping down from primary play.

- Team Captain = War Leader 1 (In charge of Alpha Platoon)
- Player
- Player
- Player
- Player

- War Leader 2 (In charge of Bravo Platoon)
- Player
- Player
- Player
- Player

Questions, Comments, Concerns, Volunteers?
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