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 The purpose of the Ladies Division
APEX Wicked
 Posted: Feb 8 2017, 10:41 PM

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Alright, so there are a few reasons that I wanted to make the Ladies of APEX....and most people think because I'm a guy, I do it for the wrong reasons, but it's not. In fact, some of my best gaming friends who have or still play to date are female. But I digress....

The Ladies of APEX was created for the following reasons

#1. To provide a strictly female environment and "safe space" for female gamers of all ages where they don't have to be harassed and bothered by guys on the internet.

#2. To show that Ladies are just as good -- if not better -- when it comes to gaming with/against their male counterparts.

#3. To create a new dynamic for APEX as a whole. Most clan's tend to attract strictly male or female players, I've always wanted both to exist together under the common cause of just working to be the best one can be with their friends.

#4. To provide both teaching and learning opportunities for female gamers in order to make the community stronger as a whole.


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