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 Didn't get your automated PM upon registration?, Here's what it said, to help you apply!
APEX Wicked
 Posted: Feb 2 2016, 06:23 PM

You fear the boogeyman. I'm the one they send to kill the boogeyman.
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This is an automated not respond

Hello there and Welcome to, the home forum of APEX Gaming on XB1.  It is our privilege to have you here amongst us, and we sincerely hope that our gaming clan is the right fit for you.  In order to find out if this clan is the right fit for you, there is a short process we're going to need you to undergo here on our forums.

So first off, given you are in a VALIDATING member group and have near no physical access to any of the forums other than being able to view them, please visit our INTRODUCTIONS Forum where you will find a topic already created for you by our forum bot.  Please post in this topic with at least the following information...
- A Hello to the community.
- The game regiment you will be playing in.

Once you post in your introduction topic (hi & regiment) you will be sorted as soon as possible by one of the Generals in the clan.

Lastly, If you have any questions in regards to anything on the forums or the clan, please do not hesitate to create and send a new personal message to APEX Wicked.  He's always happy to help people, given his status as founder of the clan.


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