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You fear the boogeyman, I'm the guy that gets sent to kill t
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Location: Milwaukee, WI USA
Born: 28 August 1989
Deer Hunting, Gaming, Writing, personal GFX
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TITLE: You fear the boogeyman. I'm the one they send to kill the boogeyman.
About Me: Everyone around the APEX community knows me as Wicked, the founder of the clan. Here's a little about me you might not know. My name's Hank, I'm pretty chill, extremely quiet 99% of the time, and I'll always do what I can to keep this clan going so that it can either improve or be the best that it can be!

For business inquiries into APEX:
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APEX Wicked


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Yesterday at 12:14 am
So some of you may have noticed that I've been all but vacant for quite some time now. This is mostly due to my lack of energy after lengthy hours of work and travel that I've been doing on a week-to-week basis. I haven't really had a day off in the last few months now, and it's really affected my gaming -- I'm pretty sure that I've actually only played one or two days with other people here or friends.

As such, I'm stepping back from my duties as head of a gaming regiment (which this will be opening up a new command slot in tanks for anyone interested in running the XBL show) and will be going about sticking more to non-gaming aspects of the clan when I have time to get to them until I make a comeback to a more active status.

Until that time, I'm effectively remaining on a hiatus, but will try to devote what time I can to getting the basis of things back into something of an orderly fashion on the bottom level so that we can get back to our former active glory.
Nov 9 2017, 10:15 PM
Just so everyone is aware, we will be losing both the .online domain as well as premium service as of the following dates.

.online will be no more after 12/31/17
- you will need to begin re-using the old address again

premium forum service will also be going away (but that won't be until like July of 18).

It's expensive to run (over $100 a year for both) and for the time being I'm going to be strapped for cash (or if worse comes to worse, I might be moving and be unable to have reliable internet at I wouldn't be able to keep up the bills anyways).

So, yeah, that's going to be happening in the next few months here, just so everyone is prepared.
Oct 8 2017, 08:47 PM
Alright, so I know it gets a bit repetitive now and again, but without people putting in some time at the top of the chain of command in our varying gaming regiments and such, things get a little lackluster of sorts. As such, I'm making that speech again that we're (or more specifically I am) looking for a variety of players that are interested in putting in for positions on the staff team, or perhaps even moving up further in the chain of command in their game franchise of choice.

I'm not going to give out any specifics as to what we're hiring for, but all of that can be found in the forum in which I will link you here in a line or so, but I will go ahead and give you and idea of the kind of person we're looking for in some of our different command positions. Here's the link to the hiring center. You can find out what we're hiring for, the application to apply, job duties, etc... And we never really ask for more than a few hours a week from you (most of it should of course be spent gaming and having fun doing so).


Q & A

I don't really want to staff in a game regiment, it seems like a lot of work, but I want to help out in the organization. What jobs could be recommended to me?
-- If you aren't interested in a regimental command, perhaps you'd be inclined to a Chief of Staff (forum moderator) or Media Team (social media, streaming, etc...) type of job, where it's more or less a relatively relaxed environment and we don't ask much of you.

I'm just a lowly peon in my regiment right now, what might you recommend as my next step up to taking the reigns of command?
-- That's a little tough, however from experience (on both ends of this stick), I usually feel it's best to start you off somewhere near the bottom of the command ranks to see how you fit and where you could work up to -- as well as a little combination of what you feel you're good at doing. (see below)
---- We'd ask something like; are you good at watching over forums? are you good with people and/or swaying them to join a cause? are you good with creating events or grouping up with others regularly? etc.... (these can help us gauge where you might end up off the bat)

I'm generally a better player than the others in my regiment (and I have the skills to prove it), and I'd like to do more to help out my fellow APEX members. What have you got in mind for me?
-- This one's pretty straight forwards. We could literally fast track you to a high command slot instantly, as we're always looking for the best of the best to lead onwards and upwards here (we don't always get it, but people try and that's what counts) or we could put you as a regimental trainer, meaning you work with others in your regiment to become better players not only individually but as a team.

I'm good with people, where do you want me?
-- Public Relations & Recruitment is the job for you. You can recruit for any and all of our regiments or stick to your forte of a single regiment. Up to you, as long as it brings in new bodies to the organization.

I'm a competitive player dammit, what have you got to offer me?
-- As we like to cater to the competitive players (and given we're simply a host for amateur teams at this particular juncture in time), we do have the pro captain positions available, as we want players who know the competitive scene and are willing to put in the effort to build a team around themselves and make some waves under the APEX banner.

So these are kind of my tips in Q & A form for what kinds of jobs might best suit you as an individual (to those who read this and are like oh.....maybe I should move up and have a total power trip of sorts....but in a good way) If you have any additional questions about becoming a part of our staff team here in the APEX organization, please do not hesitate to shoot me a message. I will get back to you, as I think staffing is the highest priority around here, when it comes to running this whole place.


Sep 13 2017, 08:45 PM
Due to popular demand, we are launching a trial period for a fortnite regiment. For anyone interested, there are staff opportunities available from General down. Shoot me a PM if interested in running the regiment.
Sep 5 2017, 08:43 PM
APEX Guardian Corps., are you ready to once more serve the traveller and defend the light? Gaul has come to destroy, he must be stopped at all costs.

Destiny 2 launches tomorrow, Sept. 6th. Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

- I'll see some of you out on the battlefield, as I'm pre-ordered & downloaded to play, but I'll be a day behind more than likely before I can get to play (so jealous about that).
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